Yes, you read it right. We're talking about ✨striking ideas✨ because...

Don’t you agree that pictures of beauty services “before and afters” and posts about available times already take up 99% of social media, Facebook beauty groups' posts in particular?

Don’t get me wrong—there is definitely a place and time for these posts as well, but unfortunately, they don’t help you stand out from your fellow beauticians and salons.
With that in mind, we want to share some tips on creating valuable, engaging posts for your beauty page that will help you stand out from other beauticians and salons.

In this article, you'll find 5 ideas for Instagram and Facebook posts that ensure you provide valuable, eye-catching, and well-performing content for your beauty page.

#1 Refute Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Your Services

Especially if your beauty field and primary services are a little more complicated, innovative, or are possessing high risk, it is crucial to talk about and show your audience the behind-the-scenes. This helps to build trust and neutralize fears.

Some of the topics that your (potential) clients would likely love to hear about are:

  • How are your beauty services performed?
  • What are the possible dangers, complications, or side effects?
  • Who is suitable for the procedure and who is not?
  • What are some myths that people tend to have, and what is the actual truth?

It's perfectly normal that people might be a little apprehensive about some beauty services because no one wants to voluntarily risk their skin and body. That's why it's every beautician's job to help their clients and followers overcome their fears, and there's no better place to do it than on their own social media pages.

#2 Share Pictures and Videos of Your Salon

Have you ever booked a hotel without first looking at pictures of it? I’m 99.9% sure that you answered “no.”

Just as you want to see pictures of your destination and hotel before planning a vacation, beauty salon clients want to see what will be waiting for them in your beauty place. Will there be lots of natural light and a mellow atmosphere, or are they going to a dark underground cave? They will never know unless you show them.

Remember—a scared and confused mind never buys. That’s why seeing the beauty salon’s images in advance builds trust in customers, alleviates fears, and increases the chance of reeling in new regulars.

#3 Share Pictures and Videos of Yourself and Salon Staff

Same thing.

Would you be willing to go on a blind date without having even seen any pictures of your partner? Rather not, right? Therefore, don’t expect such self-transcendence from your clients either. Nobody likes uncertainty—it creates anxiety and discomfort.

It sounds like an utter cliché, but really—a picture is worth a thousand words. Just from the profile picture, the customer can already get a feel for the staff in your salon, their personality and attitude, and the general mood. In short, whether or not the customer feels that "Yes, that's the salon I want to go to".

It also helps you, as the salon owner or employee, to filter clients and attract the right ones for your salon. It's a win-win situation for both you and the customer!

#4 Share a Clip of Your Beauty Treatment

Do you know the feeling when you’ve randomly landed on chiropractor videos on social where they crackle people’s backs or heads? Or videos where hairdressers give someone a miraculous makeover?

I think you will agree that videos like this have the power to make us stop and look. Something about them captivates us and grabs our attention. And at some point, you may even find yourself thinking, "Hmm, I should get a new haircut or get my back fixed." Sound familiar?

People like to watch videos of beauty services and at the same time imagine themselves sitting there in the salon chair, relaxing. So if you also post videos of your salon's beauty services, you can be sure to catch the attention of your followers with ease and attract new clients (P.S. Not videos taken from YouTube, but videos you make yourself).

#5 Educate About At-Home Beauty Treatments

Suggestions and tips on how to take care of the outcome at home for long-lasting results should not only be shared at the end of the appointment but also on social media.

It is a good reminder of how to take care of yourself at home for your current clients, and your potential customers will see that you are a beauty professional who takes care of their clients even after they’ve left the appointment.

And not to worry—sharing free tips and advice on how to take care of yourself at home won't make your clients visit your salon any less. It's actually the other way around! It makes them rave about you to their friends and family about how caring and top-notch professional you are. This, in turn, can potentially bring you new clients.

Psst! One last advice...

Once you get started with reforming your current social media content, please be kind and patient with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if the first two of the new-wave posts don’t perform tremendously well.  Good things take time, and just as we need to be patient ourselves, we need to give our current and new followers time to get used to your new content style.

So don’t set yourself unrealistic expectations like 10X-ing your clientele by the end of the week. It probably won’t happen. But gradually, you will start to notice how your posts are getting more engagement, and the number of followers is steadily increasing. And sooner or later, you will get the first client who says: “It was because of that X educational post a few days ago that I decided to come to you!” Trust me— this moment will be priceless!

P.S. If you want even more tips and suggestions on how to stand out from your competitors on social media and make sure that new clients find their way to you, book a 1-1 SalonLife consultation, and let's see how we can boost your beauty career with SalonLife—together!