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Ultra-convenient personal calendar to manage bookings & client base

You can now leave your heavy notebook at home. With SalonLife, you can conveniently manage your calendar and daily salon work from any smart device. Adding bookings, creating a work schedule, and managing your client base can all be done in just a few clicks! Not to mention—you have a thorough overview of everything in your salon anytime, anywhere.


Automated reminders & other notifications to your clientele

The client arrives late or downright fails to come again. Sounds familiar? Lost client = lost time = lost money.

SalonLife makes sure that customers are always on time. Whether it's a booking confirmation, reminder, and thank you letter, or you want to remember the client on their birthday—create, design, and edit the messages as you want, and SalonLife will send them to your clients on time for you!

Appointment reminders and booking confirmation automated messages
Online booking software for hair salons


Let your clients book online & save more time

On average, a beautician spends almost 1 hour a day communicating with clients. That's 5 hours per week and 20 hours per month. What is your average hourly rate? That's exactly how much you miss out in a month, as you have to deal with appointment requests on the expense of your work or free time and play "battleship" to find a suitable time with clients.

SalonLife will do the work for you! Even if you are getting the groceries, enjoying a concert, celebrating your birthday, relaxing on the beach, or even heading to bed for a solid 8-hour sleep—SalonLife accepts bookings 24/7 for you and sends you notifications about each update. Thanks to this, you will have more time for yourself and your family!

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The most convenient salon calendar for managing staff and bookings

As most of the time will be spent on SalonLife calendar page, we've put in a ton of time and energy to guarantee you world-class user experience. In collaboration with beauticians and salon owners, we've created an intuitive, one-click-away salon calendar, which you can use from any smart device and anywhere in the world. Your salon life is always with you!

Add bookings and breaks with just a few clicks.

Conveniently copy-paste schedules and bookings to the future.

Easily modify appointment times and work schedule with drag and drop feature.

Have a thorough overview of the bookings and schedules of the entire team anytime.

If a booking still needs to be specified, you can move it to the "On Hold" drawer for the time being.

Connect your SalonLife calendar to Google Calendar.

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Detailed overview of bookings and clients

At SalonLife, you can see a detailed overview of all bookings and clients without leaving the calendar. Booking overview, incoming client contact details and history, selected services, private notes, and even the option to send an invoice are just a few clicks away.

See how many days have passed since client's last appointment.

Add products, services, and discounts to your booking or edit the price and duration in just a few clicks.

Have a comprehensive overview of the client's booking history and preferences.

Highlight clients who are constantly late, tend to forget about their times, or do not show up at all.

Add notes to the booking or client profile that are only visible to you.

Give clients the chance to share their wishes and comments regarding the upcoming appointment on the online booking page.

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The heart of the salon—you and your team

SalonLife is designed in a way that neither you nor the staff needs to change themselves or their work habits. You set the rules, and our system adapts itself to the specifics of your salon.

Each staff member has their personal calendar and schedule.

Each staff member can add personal services, price lists, and durations.

Each staff member can add their profile picture that clients see on the online booking page.

Each staff member can set their own online booking settings, such as appointment lead time, scheduling window, online booking secret code, and more.

The salon administrator can see an overview of the entire salon and staff schedules.

Each staff member can see their work related statistics, numbers, and reports.

Appointment reminder messages witht text message (SMS) and email

Automated email and SMS notifications for both clients and staff

With SalonLife, you can be sure that everybody is always in the loop.. A total of 7 different notifications to clients and 2 to staff members guarantee that the information will reach the right people as quickly as possible, be it a notification of a new booking to the staff member or a last-minute SMS reminder to the client about the upcoming appointment.

Write and design both emails and SMSes exactly as you want.

Confirmation message—so that the client has all the necessary information about their scheduled appointment.

Reminder message—so that the client remembers to come to your salon on time.

Thank you message—thank your client for their visit and direct them to leave feedback or create a new booking.

Win-back message—remind your client about your salon and attract them back if it's been a long time since their last appointment.

Pre-birthday message—tell your clients about the sweet birthday week discounts.

Birthday message—celebrate your client's birthday, and invite them to your salon for birthday-related discounts.

Gift card message—greet and thank your client for the purchase of your salon gift card.

Staff will be automatically notified about new bookings from the online page as well as cancellations of the bookings.

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Track & manage your inventory in one place

By adding your retail and professional products to SalonLife, you can conveniently manage all your inventory in one place. Our clever software keeps an eye on the current availability of your products, performs calculations in the background regarding product statistics and numbers, and lets you know when an item is running out. This way, you can peacefully focus on providing the services without worrying about the stock of beauty products.

Add manually or import all beauty products into SalonLife.

Add separate retail and cost prices to each product.

Sort products by name, brand, or category.

Control which products can each staff member use.

Track each staff member's consumption and sales of the products.

Connect the barcode reader to SalonLife, and conveniently scan products you sell or use.

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Beautiful and convenient online booking experience for your clients

Save both your own and your customers' time and use online booking, where people can book appointments 24/7. But don't worry about losing control—you will continue to be the boss of your calendar, as you can set the rules and settings that best fit your work habits and schedule. This way, all bookings will arrive on the calendar in the rhythm you like.

Your salon does not need a separate website, as you can conveniently add the booking link to your Facebook or Instagram business page.

Design and modify the colors, wording, wallpapers, etc. of your online booking page.

Add as many as 17 different translations, so that each client can book an appointment in their native language.

If you only want to provide online booking to your regulars, add an online booking secret code to the booking page.

"Avoid the gaps," appointment lead time, and booking window are just a few of the many online booking settings you can set according to your work habits.

Point of sale system for salons with built in reports and invoices

Numbers, numbers, numbers—POS system, reports, gift cards, and invoices

Would you like to know the annual revenue of your salon, how many bookings were in the previous week, or how many work hours each of your staff members had in the past month? You no longer have to speculate on these figures or make up the tables because SalonLife has all the necessary information you need.

Versatile statistics with informative charts and beautiful graphs will give you a thorough understanding of how your salon is doing.

Also, you can use our quick gift card generator, which lets you create an unlimited amount of gift cards with a few clicks, sell them to your clients, print them out or send them as an e-mail, and thus increase the turnover of the salon.

A detailed overview of the number of bookings, turnover, work hours, most popular services and products, etc.

See all statistical numbers separately for each staff member.

Create an unlimited amount of gift cards and send them to the client by e-mail or print them out as a PDF.

Mark on bookings whether the client paid by card, cash, or gift card, and follow the daily checkout conveniently from SalonLife.

Illustrative tables and graphs give a good overview of the salon's numbers and performance.

Send automatically generated invoices to clients for each booking with a few clicks.

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